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 Tips for making a great party and things to add to your thread.

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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: Tips for making a great party and things to add to your thread.   Mon Aug 02, 2010 2:04 am

Here's some tips to make a great party.

-Don't make the party when you aren't sure you can make it. If you don't make it that'll mean some disappointed guests and a bad 'party reputation' (meaning people will know you can't make it to parties, and won't come).
-If you're planning on having more then 5 guests over to your cub condo, you're better off making it somewhere else, so nobody will feel left out.
-Don't make a party somewhere not everyone can go, like inside the zoo.
-You ARE NOT allowed to ban someone from going to the party, if they bother you in any way you can report or ignore them.
-Don't say that A special guest will be attending your party, unless you have confirmation.

Fill-out for parties (Fill out and put on first post of party thread):
Number of Guests Allowed:

'Clothes' means what you should wear to the party, and 'Country' means what country/continent the server is in.

Guest List:

This guest list is used to keep track of who's going. It's best to put status of everyone (Like under one person it says 'Maybe will come' and another would say 'Definitely Coming').
It would go:
GuestNameHere (Guest Status Here)
OtherGuestNameHere (Guest Status Here)

Guest Form:
This is good to use to ensure that they'll come, Have all guests fill it out.
BABV Name:
Are you Definitely Coming?:
Any Questions or Requests?:
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Tips for making a great party and things to add to your thread.
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