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 Abbreviations for BABV

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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: Abbreviations for BABV   Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:41 am

Many newer members don't know all or any abbreviations for Bearville! Here's a list of ones I've gathered.

BABW-Build-A-Bear Workshop
BB-Bearbills or Bear Boulevard
BBI-Bearbill Item
BC-Birth Certificate
BFH-Beachfront Home
BNN-Bearville News Network
BSS-Bee Stylin' Salon or Bear Stuff Store
BU-Bearville University
BVO-Bearville Outfitters
BWM-Bearywood Mall
CBG-CybearGuide (s)
CC-Cub Condo
CEB-Chief Executive Bear
CG-City Garden
CHH-Camp Happy Heart
CI-Credit Item
CR-Chloe Rocks
EFT-Embroidered Flower Top
FF-Furtastic Fountain
FFD- Furbulous Fashion District
FFI-Furry Friend Item
FFP-Friendship Forest Park
FSV-Friendship Valley
HH-Huggable Heroes
HPT-Heart Print Tee
JCBG-Junior CybearGuide (s)
JCBGBB-Junior CybearGuide (s) Bulletin Board
JCBGH-Junior CybearGuide (s) Headquarters or Junior CybearGuide (s) Handbook
JCBGS-Junior CybearGuide (s) Store
KSFH-Kooky Spooky Fun House
LHP-Love, Hugs, Peace
LTAL-Let's Talk About Love
MB-Mama Bear
MBW-Magic Bear World (Song)
MC-Maxine Clark
MCCC-Maxine Clark's Cub Condo
PAS-Pawforming Arts Center
PCB-Pawlette Coufur Boutique
PGC-Pawsitively Green Center
PSI-Pet Specific Item (Same as FFI)
RC-Receipt Code
SLH-Ski Lodge Home
SPS-Skate Park Square
SQI-Special Quest Item
SS-Sunshine Shores
SSC-Sunshine Shores Cave
SSM-Sunshine Shores Marina
TCS-The Chloe Show
WP-Welcome Pass
WTS-Waterfall Train Station

Thanks to SerenaPawfectPal for the help! Smile

PM me if you see one I haven't gotten yet, but please search page to make sure.
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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: Re: Abbreviations for BABV   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:28 am

Wow that's a lot of abbreviations Thanks fur posting Katie
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Abbreviations for BABV
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