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 Guide to Backstage Search!

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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: Guide to Backstage Search!   Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:51 pm

The following is a picture of all of the items you can find in the game:

All of the items:
Guitar- Hanging on the door on the left side
Microphone- near the lamp shade on the left side
Limousine- On the back of the zebra print couch
Guitar Sticks- Hanging out of the planter next to the zebra print couch
One bearbill- on top of the basketball near the zebra print couch
Ruler- on the edge of the mirror across from the center chair on the left side
Violin- on the back of the left chair on the left chair
Piano Keys- on the back of the center chair on the left side
Blackbird- on the back of the right chair on the left side
Hair bow- on the newspapers on the left side near the piano keys
Trumpet- on top of the duck near the newspapers
Laptop- on the top left chair in the center of the room
Butterfly- on the bottom left chair in the center of the room
Ketchup- on the table in the center of the room
banjo- to the right of the blackbird near the pinyata
Birdhouse- in the cabinet on the left wall at the bottom
Headphones- on the pinyata's head
Vinyl Record- circular object on monitor
Heart- on back of the center chair on the right side
CD- on the trash can near the door on the right side
Moustache & Glasses- on the manican head on the right side
Music Triangle- on the shelf where the manican heads are on, in the ledge that holds it up
Music Notes- on the wall to the left of the clock
Tamborine- The clock on the right side
Gold Record- record case on the right side that is right of the clock and above a poster
Guitar Pick- On the piano
Button- on the far right part of the drum set

Feel free to post anything i missed! Hope this helps!
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Guide to Backstage Search!
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