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 Animal ID and Key Code not working?

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PostSubject: Animal ID and Key Code not working?    Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:49 am

We all love to rush home and put our new furry friends online, but sometimes the codes don't work, and that is frustrating to everyone. So why don't they work? The computers at BABW have to "talk" to the computers at BABV to register both the furry friend ID codes and the Stuff Fur Stuff receipt codes. Usually that happens very quickly, but on busy days it may take a little while for the computers to process the huge amounts of information. If you find that your codes aren't working, please give them some time. It may take up to 48 hours for your codes to activate. Usually they come online within a few hours. If after 48 hours they still aren't working, it's best to contact, so they can help get your new furry friend online with you at BABV.
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Animal ID and Key Code not working?
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