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 My New Sonic Riders Character

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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: My New Sonic Riders Character   Fri Jul 08, 2011 1:20 am

|Name: Tently the hedgehog
Old owner: Zia Archibald
Age of Character: 13 years
Battle Cry: "Let's see who's faster, you, or my hundreds!"
Basic Board: Evenings Purple Light
Air: Light Purple
Special Marking: Tattoo of her owners name on her leg in purple

Attitude: Spoiled

Story: Tently the Hedgehog was adopted by rich people who lived in a huge mansion. On Tently's 5th birthday her owners gave her a purple crystal that had a ominous glow, and a dark aura a day later she looked around the mansion, but it was empty all except for her new best friend, the butler.

Eight years later, she was lying on her bed watching her soap opera when the transmission was interrupted and a fat man in red spandex with a huge mustache(It's eggman) appeared on screen replacing Gloria and Dr. Brad.

"Get ready for the Ex World Grand Prix! A tournament to see who is the fastest!"

Tently let out a soft laugh. Well duh! The one with the most power!, she thought. She froze stuck in her thoughts. Most power... most power...that would be me, since money is power!
She stared at the fat man with new interest. "The fee is one chaos emerald per person, and the winner takes all!"

Then, on the screen showed a bunch of gems glowing, just like the purple one Zia gave her.
She slowed eased out of bed to her gem jar. she picked it up and went through it, until she felt one that was warm, as if life were being stored in side. She smiled. "Butler, ready the limo, tomorrow we're going to Metal City!"

Comment and Critique! Keep the Sonic flame going! Make more custom characters... Please?
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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: Re: My New Sonic Riders Character   Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:17 pm

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My New Sonic Riders Character
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