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 STOP!!!!! don't throw it away, BABW receipts codes

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Belen spirit

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PostSubject: STOP!!!!! don't throw it away, BABW receipts codes   Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:36 am

Greetings Everyone,

How many of you know when you make a purchase at the BABW your Receipt code can be loaded five times..... So many people i have talked to did not know this. It can only be added to a account one time, but can be used 5 times . You can also share this with out giving out personal info. If you want to share credits with your friends, used the bottom code that says receipt code. It will not give out your personal info, and would be a great way to help out a friend. Keep in mind everyone can purchase the cards at the BABW to add credits to your account. This is just a reminder that those receipt codes give you 5 times the fun.

Warm Holiday Wishes,

BelenSpirit santa
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STOP!!!!! don't throw it away, BABW receipts codes
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