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Furry Cub
Furry Cub

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PostSubject: BIRTHDAY PARTY!   Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:24 am

Alfie Brave's Birthday Party!
The party will take place on the 22nd of June 2012 at the USA den Furbulous. The party will start at:
2PM Eastern
1PM Central
12 Noon Mountain
11AM Pacific
Go to AlfieBrave's cub condo at the times above!
If the condo doesn't show up on the list, just wait in the Neighbearhood.

So we will just be doing party stuff in my condo, I won't go into too much detail but I'll try and explain the important things.

So we will meet at my condo and wait in the main room for guests to come. Don't worry, there will be a lot of fun stuff to do in the main so you won't be easily bored, and hopefully we won't be waiting for long anyways.
So after quite a few people arrive, we will go to my disco Party Room, and we will dance for a while.
(if you arrive late and there is nobody in the main room, just go straight to the disco party room.)
Then we will eat in my kitchen, where there will be lots of food and a birthday cake!
After that you have the choice to do whatever you want in my condo.
When the party is over, you can stay longer for a sleepover/slumber party in my Ski Lodge condo.
I think I've covered everything, but if you still have questions please ask. Thank you!

P.S Birthday presents will be happily accepted. Wink
See you there! pawty time
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