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 New Penguin Style ~January 2~

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PostSubject: New Penguin Style ~January 2~   Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:49 am

Hidden items:

First page: none

Second page: click the snowman's nose (carrot) for a Spoiler: show
pink snorkel

Second page: click the snow on the mountain for Spoiler: show
pink flippers

Third page: click the big bubble by the fish for a Spoiler: show
red viking helmet

and four more times for a Spoiler: show
blue viking helmet

Fourth page: click the bucket of the coins for change sign for a Spoiler: show
blue & white-striped stocking cap

Fifth page: click the snow on the tree for Spoiler: show
long johns

Fifth page: click the drumsticks for Spoiler: show

Fifth page: click the trumpet for a Spoiler: show

Fifth page: click the acoustic guitar for an Spoiler: show
acoustic guitar

Fifth page: click the snare drum for a Spoiler: show
snare drum

Sixth page: click WORK in "Penguins at Work" for a Spoiler: show
black superhero mask

Seventh page: none

Eighth page: none

Ninth page: click the white puffle's blue tongue for Spoiler: show
the dizzy (hair style)

Tenth page: none

Customized shirts:
1. pick your color: black, green, or purple
2. choose your design: splatter, purple puffle in a bubble, red puffle on fire, disco ball, or stars.
in total if you bought everything you would've bought 15 shirts. (I bought all 15!)

New backgrounds:
splatter, bubbles underwater, clouds in the sky, or yellow flowers.

Penguins at work:
construction worker

New items:
all 15 customizable shirts
divers suit and helmet? (not sure about this one)

The Penguin Style did come out a day late, but probably so they could get all those shirts done! I love it.
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PostSubject: Re: New Penguin Style ~January 2~   Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:47 am

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New Penguin Style ~January 2~
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