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 New Better Igloos catalog & Igloo Upgrades -January 15th-

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PostSubject: New Better Igloos catalog & Igloo Upgrades -January 15th-   Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:27 am

Igloo Upgrades
Hidden items:
1st page: none
2nd page: click the silver thing above the "i" in service for aSpoiler: Show
secret stone igloo

3rd page: none
4th page: none
5th page: none
6th page: none
7th page: none
8th page: click the door of the deluxe stone igloo for a Spoiler: show
secret deluxe stone igloo

New stuff:
burgundy carpet
cave igloo (NEW!)

Better Igloos Catalog
Hidden items:
1st page: click the bottom of the purple stone couch for a Spoiler: show
portal box

1st page: click the middle, blue stone in the stone lamp for an Spoiler: show

2nd page: click in the middle of the ski rack for a Spoiler: show
snowboard rack

3rd page: click the blue bird on the santa hat snowman for aSpoiler: show

3rd page: click the star on the large Christmas tree for Spoiler: show
Christmas lights

3rd page: click the red bow in the Christmas wreath for a small Christmas tree

4th page: click the bottom of the modern chair for a Spoiler: show
coat rack

4th page: click the brown thing in the large aquarium for a Spoiler: show
shoe rack

5th page: click the right snow tower for a Spoiler: show

5th page: click the top of the snow fortress wall for Spoiler: show

New items:
stone couch
stone chair
stone lamp
stone table
stone deck chair
rosewood dinner table
rosewood chair

I love the cave theme!
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PostSubject: Re: New Better Igloos catalog & Igloo Upgrades -January 15th-   Tue Jan 19, 2010 5:26 am

Same Lauren the themes cool.
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New Better Igloos catalog & Igloo Upgrades -January 15th-
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